Without having any “gay” meaning (if this is obtainable), I think affirmed bachelor/ette is best suggestion to date

Without having any “gay” meaning (if this is obtainable), I think affirmed bachelor/ette is best suggestion <a href="https://datingranking.net/cs/matchbox-recenze/">promo kГіdy matchbox</a> to date

A private and you will fundamentally romantic relationship that is devoid of intercourse

For a single phrase – voluntagamus setting practically alternatives-single in Latin. But I doubt if you could potentially actually have fun with a personally created word.

Adding an alternative way to target the newest brand of the new matter (coin a term, in the place of interested in a current you to):

Are you looking for “marriage-free”, adopting the trend away from “child-free”? (I know that not every relationship bring about relationships, but “relationship-free” is too unclear IMO. I think “marriage-free” would obtain the idea around the still.)

BTW, “child-free” hasn’t cong options for “zero infants do not want ’em” it’s farther collectively than anything else, and that is apparently in the same standard room.

One to you can easily word was “nonogamist”, designed regarding “nonogamy” in the sense just like the “bigamist” is made off “bigamy”, otherwise “monogamist” out of “monogamy”.

While the noted throughout the -ist entry into the wiktionary, suffix “-ist” can be “added to terms and conditions to create nouns denoting . individual that employs a concept or program out-of religion.” Because “nonogamy” describes maybe not ist und bleibt” are someone who decides to not ever wed.

Maybe “philononogamist”, that really is quite easy to say immediately following on fourteen tries, perform serve. And, remember that those who work in brand new “nonogamy.livejournal area” can use “nonogamist” so you can mean just about what’s spelled call at brand new update, but their utilize can differ of more common utilize.

The balance of respond to treats away from “nonogamy”, in an effort to show that while it apparently is not a standard dictionary phrase, it’s a keyword that’s active regarding English vocabulary.

For an older use of “nonogamy”, see the Melbourne Punch guide, webpage 42, 9 Feb 1871, reprinted inside the Mr. Punch down under, 1982. Sadly the writer of that goods published Part XV within the a form of bottom line function, rather than within the complete phrases; to laughs: “Students felt out-of additional viewpoints. . Expediency of not actually having one. . King Herod’s system talked about approvingly. . Brand new author’s advice. Spouses. Polygamy, monogamy, nonogamy. Nonogamy needed. Objections in favour of polygamy. . Monogamy unhesitatingly doomed. The new feedback of various age groups and another sex dead up against it.” (Ellipses mine.) It seems contained in this perspective you to nonogamy mode maybe not partnered.

nonogamy.livejournal says, “It [nonogamy] community is for many of those one move our very own sight when we listen to matchmaking tales. People which do not end up being we need to become coordinated over to end up being happy. Do not Hate love, but we perform hate those who wouldn’t shut up about it currently. Nonogamy means we don’t you desire love, sex,cuddling, dates, otherwise romantic days celebration notes. Like is perhaps all better and a, but avoid house involved already.”

Certain ignorati within democraticunderground laugh the term, unlike offering it best obeisance, in a thread named “Midthread quiz: Do “nonogamy” indicate no spouses, nine spouses, otherwise wives who do “no-no”s?”.

Urbandictionary even offers a couple of maybe-ironic meanings out-of nonogamy somewhat within possibility which have meanings more than: step one. dos. An effective sarcastic mention of modern monogamy on the establish industry where gender is marginalized otherwise disappears within the a wedding [. ]

Remember that “nonogamist” correctly solutions the original question questioned, regarding “a person who [sic] have consciously picked to keep unmarried for life”, but is not suitable with respect to “relationships” mentioned on the posting

I am frightened you will never pick a currently created keyword with all of the latest connotations and meanings you require. I think celibate is the nearest, since it is the only solitary-word-identity that always has got the connotation of preference. The fresh new downside to it is their inescapable reference to faith, and that i understand that you are not finding one connotation. That it suits with the very first around three of your own conditions.